Developing confident players without adult pressure

It’s a revolution… it’s fun… and it’s working


Next Season Starts

Sunday, 7th May 2017


Helping Young Players Succeed

Parents want to see their children do well in the sports, they play. Yet, there are many children who initially don’t take to sports due to shyness, lack of coordination and many other reasons. This sets children up for less success,  less enjoyment and ultimately they leave the sport too soon.

These circumstances were the motivation behind establishing Kids Football Club in 2008. An opportunity to help children succeed by taking away as many of the negative aspects of junior sport and give children an energetic program full of opportunities and possibilities.

We noticed the average child today has poor coordination and movement skills. This is a consequence of our modern life, with computers, TV etc… So we wrote a program to improve this aspect and apply it to every training sessions. The mainstream philosophy of  ‘just let them play’ isn’t enough for the modern child. Poor functional skills easily lead to compensatory actions that develop into poor skill habits at a time when young players are forming the basis of their future sporting potential.

Next, we wrote a skill development program to achieve playing success in the shortest possible time. Many children don’t practice every day so the traditional approach doesn’t suit them. Our development method is fool proof and works for everyone… guaranteed.

What You Can Expect

Kids Football Club sessions cover the critical aspects of gameplay, technical skill and the ABC’s of athleticism (agility, balance, and coordination).

We take the principles of small team games and combine them with the other equally important elements of the development puzzle for delivery in every session. Our approach is progressive and our methods ensure the correct development at the correct time without the team or competitive pressures in their early development years.

Of course, there’s plenty of opportunities to play games as we know every kid loves to do so.

Benefits For Each Child

  • A format of games and activities that will put a smile on their faces.
  • A professionally written curriculum that is progressive from year to year.
  • Year round playing season allows for more consistent development.
  • Use of excellent playing surfaces and facilities.
  • Trained Activity Leaders and Coaches.
  • Every player receives the same high-quality program and supervision.