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Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? ...said Alice
That depends a good deal on where you want to get to ...said the Cat
I don't much care where ...said Alice
Then it doesn't matter which way you go ...said the Cat

Alice meets the Cheshire cat
(Alice in Wonderland)

It’s hard for beginners

Not only do most beginners get a poor start to soccer, there’s generally no clear direction on what they should do to become better players.

The traditional club environment does a fair job of entertaining kids but does a poor job of developing them. This is because most of the coaches are beginners themselves and there is no system to help them. As the Cheshire cat said: “If you don’t know where you’re going it doesn’t matter which way you go”.

There’s a better way

With my background and experience, I knew there was a better way and that was my motivation to establish Kids Football Club in 2008. From the very first session, we’ve had a clear direction on what beginners should learn and more importantly in what order. Since 2008 we’ve provided superior development opportunities for 1000’s young players and beginners. 

To be honest, being better than the programmes in clubland isn’t that hard. This is because traditional clubs don’t have a development system. Coaches aren’t given standards for players to reach or provided with any measure of a player’s progress.

However, for us, having a system better than the clubs wasn’t good enough. I wanted a system that was foolproof and would work for every kids that it applied to. This took 1000’s of hours of research and an enormous amount of hard work to test and write our programmes from scratch.

The real secret is to put the beginner’s welfare and progression front and centre of all our decisions.

This meant throwing out many of the traditional football club practices and developing our own culture. This has allowed us to give our players an advantage over their peers in the traditional clubs.  

Caring about how kids feel

Many young children feel uncomfortable in a team environment, like soccer, when they first start. It may be due to shyness, lack of experience or just a bit unsure about the new environment. 

Whatever the reason, traditional soccer clubs aren’t equipped to help these children and they often experience isolation, less success, and less enjoyment. The poor start they get often compounds itself over a few years and this leads to these children ultimately leaving the sport before they’ve received the benefits it has to offer. Not only does our approach allow kids to feel comfortable with their environment and their participation we give every kid the kickstart they need on the road to being a better player. This approach has worked, over and over again, helping thousands of kids fit in and enjoy their sport. 

Some of the ways we know we’re right

Since 2008, we’re still the only junior club:

  • to have eliminated the biggest negative aspects of junior participation. We’ve made our programme the most family and player-friendly in our sport.
  • to know what a junior players should learn, when they should learn it and the capabilities they should have by 12 years of age. 
  • to have a programme that is consistent and progressive week to week and year to year.
  • to have undertaken a task analysis of the typical junior player’s development opportunities. From this, we wrote and now deliver a programme that makes each child successful. 

Our club has raised the standard on how young players are coached within a club environment. It has always been our mission to make players more successful so they have the motivation to continue playing into their teenage and adult years. 

We are proud of our achievements in our brief history. It’s heart-warming to read the glowing testimonials that our parents regularly write to us. It is also a delight to see many of our players go on to play for Division 1 or higher teams in the region.

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