Our business is to help young children become better players.

Our good intention is measured by our player’s success during and the many years after they leave.

Through success, improved confidence and a growing love of the game, we hope they continue to play for many years.

Please, take some time, to read some of the comments sent to us, supporting our efforts.


Well Done!

My 7 year old is into more sedentary activities and this program has kept her engaged and enthusiastic and wanting to come each session. Well done!

My 4 year old is shy and takes time to engage, his coach is an outstanding young leader who has allowed my son to engage at a level that he is comfortable with. He too is actively participating independently and happy and excited to come.

   –    Paula

Truly a Team Effort

Kids FC taught my sons things I’ve never seen other junior coaches do… They learnt game-relevant, age-specific skills and team tactics from the very beginning from trained, professional coaches (not someone’s Dad who knew a bit about soccer). And because all the kids learnt the skills (regardless of what age they started), they all got lots of touches in a game. Kids FC players pass the ball around like Barcelona. No kidding. There were no ‘stars’, just good teamwork where everyone was passed to and equally valued.

Forget those horror experiences where there’s a team hog who never passes and runs away with the goals, or where your child plays a whole game and never gets a touch on the ball. That never happened, there was no blame put on weaker players, it was truly a team effort. And because they had the skills and could use them in a game, they all loved to participate, week after week.

With the Kids FC method, it has nothing to do with the football talent you are born with. Every kid can be this good if they learn the right skills at the right age. Simple. My older son now plays in the National Premier League and his cohort of Kids FC players is all playing at NPL or Division 1 level. He is an excellent footballer who loves the game thanks to Kids FC.

   –    Jane Seaborn.

Fantastic Debut

Anthony – congratulations to you – a fantastic debut into competition.  Watching our kids’ ball skills was a bit like watching the Harlem globetrotters – just showing off to the other team – who cares about the game! They were having so much fun showing off what they’ve learnt. Some of the Monaro kids were really good (little Bella was their star) but it was really interesting to see our kids rise to the challenge during the game and really take it up to them.

   –    Salli Higgins

It Was Fabulous

Just sending through some feedback re our first soccer sessions at Blue Gum yesterday with (coaches) Jack and Tahlia – it was fabulous. Our student were engaged and interested in the soccer skills and games on offer. Staff felt the physical skills being offered to the students were of a high quality and obviously a lot of thought goes into your team’s programming and execution. Jack and Tahlia related well to the children; using their names, huddling the group together in a sports like fashion for feedback and receiving positive reinforcement for participation!!

Thanks again to Jack and Tahlia and may our soccer journey continue.

  –    Michaeli Hillam, Blue Gum School, Pre-School Director

Focused and Engaged

Alex was in the under 6’s group and I’ve never seen him enjoy a soccer session as much.  The games that he particularly seemed to enjoy were tunnel-ball, captain ball, place-whichever-body-bit-I-tell-you-on-the-ball, kick a ball off a tee then chase it and catch a tennis ball in a cone. 

He was more focused and engaged than I’ve ever seen him before.  Maybe it was because he didn’t have to share my attention with his little sister, maybe it was because the coach to student ratio was high, maybe the planets just aligned.  Probably it was a combination of all those things.  But it was great. Thanks for the opportunity to take part.

   –    Sonya


Good stuff, I like your vision and your flexibility to adjust from learning. To me it means you’re honest and do have the kids interest at heart. I like the reward system too and agree with your principles of earning the right to wear them through effort and competency.

   –   Colin K.

Great Job

Anthony, thank you for a well-run and fun set of outings. I thought you and your team did a great job. I appreciate and acknowledge the additional time it takes to make something like this happen.

   –   The Sadlier Family

Something Better

Thanks for giving us something better for our younger children than just playing in a team… The more traditional teams seem geared towards just the players who are already good and not kids who want to learn.

   –   Julie76.


We think the programme is fantastic.
Thank you once again; the soccer was a wonderful opportunity for our kids.

   –   Rick S.

Can’t Believe the Difference

He is really enjoying it. We can’t believe the difference. This is a boy who in two weeks at the other place wouldn’t leave the sidelines (or us), never touched the ball or even participated. The other place was a bit crazy though, hundreds of kids, associated parents and a different teenager looking after them each week.
Whilst he isn’t a shy boy … he is very sensitive and just enjoys being around people so much – but needs to feel safe first… and he obviously is with Kids FC. Thanks a lot.

   –   Renae and Jean

Excellent Training

Aiden had a great time yesterday and has told us that he feels this will be excellent training for him. He feels that he will get extra help when he needs it and that it is at his level. He has asked to attend the Friday sessions as well as Sunday.

   –   Thank you Joanne


Thanks so much for all your help Anthony, it is much appreciated. Robbie is thriving in the Kidsoccer program, he just loves it!

   –   Kate Potter

Brilliantly run

I have to say….I have played A LOT of competitive sport over the years (including soccer) and I think the program is brilliantly run. The girls who teach Harry are full of energy, patient and the kids love it.

   –   Thank You Emily

Soccer Fanatic

Thanks Kristin – really appreciated. He’s a soccer “fanatic” and will quickly drop swimming if there were a clash…
Matthew is also enjoying the valuable instruction he’s getting at Kids FC and has told me he never wants to “play” for his other club again. Yes, Anthony and the coaches are doing a fantastic job with the kids!

   –   Suanu Ilokoro


Thank you for continuously aiming on improving the club and on focussing on what is best for the kids.

   –   Heike Craig

Having Fun

Great rotation and variety of activities. Emphasis on being active and having fun. My daughter had a ball. She enjoyed going each day and enthusiastically participated in everything. I was also impressed with the program overall and would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you for all your efforts.

   –   Mandy Kalyvas

Fantastic 🙂

She had a great time last time… We think the programme is fantastic 🙂

   –   Rick Edwards

Noticed A Change

It was an overall good experience. I have noticed a change in him- he feels like doing this more often. He wants to play soccer all the time- not only soccer but I found him more active when he gets back home. He is more interested in outdoor play and activities now.

   –   Rabia


Ethan absolutely loved this week. There was nothing he did not enjoy. He came home and wanted to practise his skills every evening.

   –   Angela Watkins

Very Impressed

Very impressed that the coaches have all the children active all the time. No one is ever in trouble and the sense of fun is constant. The patience and enthusiasm shown by all the coaches is to be commended.

   –   Anne Ornes


My son Dylan turns four on 1st May. I heard you run a sensational junior program for kids his age – I’m very keen to sign up my son if possible.

   –   Cheers Mick

Expectations Exceeded

I have been quite impressed with the overall program. I had no idea what to expect or if my kids would enjoy it, but my expectations have been exceeded, both in the way the program was run and my children’s enjoyment.

   –   Myles Cameron

Nice Coaches

Both my 3 and 5-year-old daughters have enjoyed it very much! Very eager to come every day even in the colder weather. Nice coaches, easy introduction to ball skills for little ones.

   –   Carissa


My son loved coming to Kidsoccer every morning he woke with enthusiasm for his day/session of soccer. The coaches have been amazing. They are friendly, encouraging and make the whole soccer experience enjoyable.

   –   Nicole

Held Interest

The program held the interest of my 9-year-old (not an easy feat). He enjoyed the variety and games. The youngest enjoyed the program too (very much) after being not keen. They both developed skills and confidence.

   –   Therese

Thoroughly Engaged

Great coaching- my child Riley is thoroughly engaged while he’s at the program and can’t wait until it starts. The coaches are involved and engaging with keeping the interest and motivation of the kids.

   –   Lerin

Coach Alli

Coach Alli’s enthusiasm was great and seemed to keep the children motivated. Lots of positive encouragement was evident. Good agility building skills for my child. He walked away happy and worn out from a good experience.

   –   Joanne

Loved playing with the Team

Jaija has LOVED playing with the team this year and feels like she has improved a lot. A couple of her friends are talking about forming their own team next year but she asked me if she could still play with your team because “they don’t pass and just kick and don’t actually think about what they are doing”.

Please tell the rest of the team Jaija enjoyed playing with them and hopes to see most of them again!

Cheerio  Catriona and David

Learned More

Our daughter learned more in half a year with KidsFC than she did in all the time she spent playing with regular clubs. She quickly gained expertise in both the skills and knowledge of football thanks to the highly committed and motivated coaches. I recommend KidsFC over any other coaching clinic or club in Canberra. 


   –    Barry Fisher.

Beautiful Game

Lucy played in the Kids FC inaugural team and the fundamentals taught… translated into a beautiful game with passing maturity beyond their years.  Most importantly, Kids FC were truly gender-less and provided Lucy an equal opportunity to play with boys which gave her the confidence to go onto play in the ACT men’s premier league competition (where she competed against old Kids FC team mates).  Even to this day some of the best football we’re seen from a team of Lucy’s was the 2013 Kids FC dream team.  We highly endorse the Kids FC program to parents of young players.”

   –    Regards Vy D’Arcy


The coach was great at promoting inclusion even when kids were shy. Activities interesting and became familiar. My daughter enjoyed the activities and has improved her agility and ball skills already. I would happily do this program again with my kids, well done!


  –    Alex

Strong Move in Right Direction

Congratulations on what seems like a strong move in the right direction. My son has had an indifferent preparation for football from a somewhat confused club (won’t mention it here). He has never had any specific skill training or even an opportunity to enjoy his football in anything other than competitive games since he was three years old. He has had little in the way of serious coaching. This opportunity to train and play in the one session and more than once a week is very welcome. Thanks for the new option.

   –    Thanks David C.


Thanks for being patient with our son Joshua. He is younger than the others but is getting a lot out of the sessions.

   –    Nick and Sybille

Fantastic Holiday Programme

A big congratulations and thank you to Kidsoccer for a fantastic school holiday program.  

With two children and my child’s friend, I am very impressed at the improvement occurring each day during the clinic.  Each child has progressed every day, with specific improvement in a few different areas. Ultimately, their confidence is improving and they are having so much fun!  A number of the parents have noticed that all the children are engaged the whole time, indicating that the clinic has interesting and varying activities of just the right time length that are devised specifically for each age group.

The coaches are lovely, aware of early childhood education and obviously competent at their job.  The admiration that the young children have for them is beautiful.

While it is a small touch, the fact that the canteen serves A2 milk, rather than cheaper milk, and home-made home-grown!! pumpkin soup indicates a family and business where health and happiness  (rather than purely making a profit) is just a way of life.

The positive repercussions of Kidsoccer and its clinic will resonate in the soccer community for years to come.  I certainly recommend this programme to others parents. I’m really impressed with the program.  Thanks again

   –    Kind Regards Jeannie

Really Professional

I want to put in a REALLY good word for (coaches) Jack and Aiden who are running the Kidsoccer activity this term. They are really professional, well organised and enthusiastic! With thanks going out to the effort of you and your program.

   –    Jeff Anderson ASC Coordinator, Ngunnawal Primary School

Thank You

Thank you for letting us bring Amelia at such short notice last Sunday. She had a lot of fun and Kristin (Amelia’s mum) and I love what we saw – there’s no doubt you have a fantastic program and after reading more about it on your website I’m looking forward to seeing Amelia learning with the other kids in your program while having fun at the same time.


Age Appropriate

I like Kidsoccer because of the considered age appropriate structure, overall perspective on the game and the varied fitness training.

   –    Sherna Walters


Yes, we made it down and Liam had an absolute blast! ….. Either way yes we would love to register as we think it is very special and very constructive to offer such positive influence for younger members of our community.

   –   Thanks again Naomi.

Proud as Punch

Thank you for organising such a great week for our kids. My daughter has never played soccer before and now wants some boots and to hang up her netball trainers. We will enroll her next season.

My little boy has Aspergers and has never done well at Team sports. He came home yesterday as proud as punch because he scored his first ever goal. I nearly cried. We moved him over this year from Woden Valley and are astounded at how well he is doing now, having acquired some skills and confidence.

   –   Best wishes… Kirsten W.

Division 1

Isaac is playing for BBFC this season. He got into Division 1 and loves playing in a team. We are so grateful for the foundational skills that you have given him to enable this progression. Thank you for the many years of excellent training you provided. I trust all is continuing to develop and bloom at Kids FC!

   –   With thanks from us all… Sherna


I like your original guiding principle for the 3-9 yr olds of learning the FUNdamentals. I just think that is has to be fun.

   –   Regards Louise

Vision and Flexibility

Good stuff, I like your vision & your flexibility to adjust from learning, to me it means your honest and do have the kids interest at heart. I like the reward system too & agree with your principles of earning the right to wear then through effort and competency.  Keep up the good work,

   –   Cheers Colin

Wonderful Games

Wonderful games based approach to learning skills which the kids loved. They couldn’t wait to get here each day!

   –   Thank you… Kristin

Good Variety

Logan really enjoyed coming every day. The program offered a good variety of activities for developing basic soccer ball skills and ‘getting along’ with the others in the team (group). The coach was enthusiastic and had a good report with the children in the group. It is a very well organised program! Thank You.

   –   Thank you… Amy

Greatly Appreiated

My wife took Edan down this morning for a look at the 10:15 session with his friend Mitchell… whose mum Kirsten…  recommended your program to us.

The coach had him join in – which we greatly appreciated. Edan absolutely loved it – he has never been so engaged with a sport, and went full tilt the whole hour. We’re sure he would really benefit from the program and we would love to enroll him. Thanks very much.

   –   Regards John


My son (given the fact that he is a bit shy anyway) really did enjoy the run around and group activities. He felt comfortable with his coaches.

   –   Helen Gregory

Greatly Appreiated

Well organised, great value for Holiday Program. 3 year old – happy, enjoyed program, great age appropriate activities. 7 year old – initially worried as she hadn’t one soccer classes before. Settled in quickly and excited when she got a goal.

   –   Ros Matthews

Friendly Atmosphere

Kidsoccer is a friendly atmosphere and equal opportunity for all kids. Also specific drills and exercises. My youngest son played soccer for the first time and he was really excited. He was talking soccer in his sleep.

   –   Emmanuel Louis

Responded Well

I think the classes have been great; my son has really enjoyed it and is sad to finish. The coaches are very confident in their ability and the kids have responded really well to them. I love that the class sizes are small, it has made a lot of difference in how engaged he is.

   –   Morgan

Energetic and Enthusiastic

Both my boys loved every minute of Kidsoccer. The duration time of 1.5 hours was perfect. The coaches were energetic and enthusiastic which enabled the children to stay motivated. The activities were repeated sufficiently so that the children were able to learn over the week and perfect their abilities with practice.

   –   Talitha


Found it very organised. Kids found it fun and great exercise. They love the staff and enjoyed it very much. Wonderful encouragement and interaction getting the kids involved.

   –   Alicia


Both my children thoroughly enjoyed their time. The tutors are to be congratulated for the positive way they interacted with all children.

   –   Peter

Great Work and Inspiration

Thanks for all your great work and inspiration with the kids (especially the one on one time with Adam). I think your Kids FC skill improvement coaching sessions are fantastic.

With our Best Wishes
Adam & Catharina
Hye-Kyung (Maria) and Harold