KIds Football Club

We are planning our new website will be complete in the new year.

Term 4 finishes on the 9th December.

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Registrations Open for Term 4
Cook Oval from 21st October

Contact Us

phone: 61008555 - voicemail

When and Where
Cook Neighbourhood Oval
Sun 21 Oct 18 - starts from 9:30 am
Age Group
All children from 3 to 12 years of age
Girls and boys of all levels
Our Expertise
we love beginners - over 11 years experience of helping kids fit in
Peace of Mind
experienced coaches and a proven program that has worked for 1000's of kids
We Are Different
Different.. but great.
Best soccer program of it's kind
Results Guaranteed
Happy to give this guaranteed because we're confident in what we do!
Family Friendly Discounts
Great discounts for 2nd and 3rd family members (10% & 15%)
Discounts for 2018 and former Kids FC members (upto 10%)

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