Our Achievements

The youngest players deserve the best coaching and development

Kids Football Club has an innovative and world-leading development focus for young players. On a session by session basis, our goal is to deliver a ‘best in class’ football learning experience to all our players, regardless of their age or experience.

In our short history, we have many firsts to our name.

We are the first football club in our region to:

    • focus exclusively on the development of very young children.
    • offer families with children of different ages the opportunity to participate at the same time, catering to busy families and making football a more family-friendly affair.
    • have parent-free coaching zones during training session times.
    • operate all year round for all children.
    • offer football on a Sunday, giving an opportunity to young players who have other activities on Saturday morning or who would otherwise not play football.
    • to participate in the Sports Commission’s Active After Schools program. Our programmes ran in over 60 schools.

We are the only football club that:

    • Has on-field supervisors, at every session, providing mentoring and support to our young coaches.
    • Offers a non-adult-competitive environment for children.
    • Has a fully written development curriculum, with lesson plans for each session and every age group. 
    • Has a progressive development curriculum from year to year.
    • Has lesson plans tailored to the group being coached not just a cookie-cutter model based on age.
    • Is totally committed to providing expert development to the young player and beginners.a