Email to Parents

Subject: Kidsfc – Winter Season Starts this Weekend


Welcome to the 2014 winter season for Kids Football Club. To both the returning members and those just starting our winter program for the first time, I give my warmest welcome and look forward to meeting you around the fields, at least once, this year.

We’re continuing on from our great start to the year, as our Term 1 program was our most successful to date. Our coaches are very keen to get started and we have a good mix of experience and newly qualified coaches to take our groups this year


Returning parents in the Woden area would have noticed that we’ve had a ground move, due to the construction works at the Woden enclosed ground. The enclosed ground is not due for public usage until at least September. We are currently holding our Saturday session at Yarralumla Neighbourhood Oval. See Ground locations on website for map and parking.

Session and Timings

I have completed the groupings for the current registered players and have placed the location, session times and names at (web address given in email)
The process of getting the players into the appropriate groups, at the right time, with their family or friends and posted to the web, is not without its challenges (of course, the real challenge is, no one else will do it). Please don’t be too concerned if your child’s name isn’t in the right spot at the right time or with their friends. Just send us an email and we’ll do our best to make things right.
The groups page is not listed on Google search engines or linked to, from our main site. However, if any parent doesn’t want their child’s name on the site, please send us some feedback (how we display or not).

First Sessions

The first sessions can always be a bit confusing for children especially the new ones. We understand this and our coaches know that making the children feel comfortable and engaged is their prime concern.
For those new to the club, or those wanting to refresh their memory there’s and excellent article of “What to Expect” on the first few sessions.
Click here to read it…

Parent Policy

For those that are new to our club, please be aware of our policy that requires parent’s to be located away from the active groups whilst they are being conducted.  We are the only club to enforce this and have done so since our first sessions in 2008. I’m sure this has been a talking point for many over the years and has probably caused mixed emotions with some parents.

However, this policy isn’t an arbitrary measure but a deliberate attempt to give greater benefit to the child and their participation within the program.

This policy makes us very different from all other clubs and although the application is to be applied with common sense* it is one of our founding principles on the way we operate.
Some of the reasons for adopting such a policy are:

  1. We believe the vast majority of children can operate independently from Mum and Dad in the small group settings.
  2. Parents close to the groups tend to make our young coaches uncomfortable. Worrying about what the parent is doing rather than their full focus on the children.
  3. We want the players to bond with the young coach and become absorbed in the activities. Continual reference to parents looses the opportunity for the young child to flow with the activity and be totally immersed in their own actions for their own sake.
  4. Likewise, we want our players to be involved and socialise with others in the group.

When all is said and done… I believe that Kids FC has the best club development environment for young kids in the ACT. We want our parents to hold us accountable for their child’s development and enjoyment within our program. To achieve this, we’ve set standards and competency measures for what we teach and how we conduct ourselves. We write programs that achieve this and educate and mentor our coaches for the same reason.

However, we can’t do this for our parents and have little control over what they say or do. Given our experience in this area, we know that separating the parents is the best alternative to head off any negative effect (whether by accident or not), that could affect the players enjoyment and developmental experience.

Other clubs don’t ask their coaches to be accountable for the learning of the players, we demand it. It is for this reason we hope all parents will understand why we ask for their cooperation and help us give the kids the best experience possible and the space they need.

* Note: Parents of very young children (3’s and 4’s) can in the first few sessions of a season accompany their children to the group area for reassurance etc… We hope that as soon as your child becomes comfortable with the coach and the group setting you can step back away from the group. In this circumstance please respect the coaches domain.


I will send out information on uniforms early next week. The club does have a limited number of shorts, long socks and small shin guards for sale at $15, $5 and $10 respectively. These items will be available from this weekend. See the program manager at each location.

More Information

I’ll be at all the ground locations for the next few weeks. Please come up and say hello. I’m the old one with the big hat so I’m easy to find. I’m more than happy to answer any questions about our program.


Anthony Hatton
Kids Football Club


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