“Ask the right questions, and the answers will always reveal themselves.” –  Oprah Winfrey

Kids FC offers trial sessions as an easy way to experience our program without committing to a full season..

For young players, we’ve discovered that two sessions works best so parents can get a better feel for how their child is going to fair at the club.

Please be aware, we charge for the trial sessions as our groups are small and spaces are often in demand. 

The price of the trial is the same price as our new members would pay for their first two sessions. Discounts for the second and third child apply as normal.

Now that you’ve completed your registration, your child will be looking forward to their first session. So that things run smoothly for them just follow these few tips.

  1. Arrive at the ground at least 10 mins before the notified start time. This will allow your child to become familiar with our setup.
  2. Have your child’s name checked off by the location manager.
  3. If the session has started when you arrive, please see the location manager for group allocation and have their name checked off the list.


What Happens Next

All children will be called to a central point a few minutes before the start time.  The location manager will start the process of allocating children to groups/buckets.

  1. The youngest children are allocated first.
  2. Each age group has a group colour. When your child’s name is called out, have them line up next to the coach and place their water bottle in the coloured bucket. This is now your group colour next week as well.
  3. Parents of the youngest children may escort them to the group and stay with them as the group moves to their respective area. When your child becomes comfortable, parents can move away.
  4. Coaches will move away from the allocation point to their activity area.
  5. At the end of each session, the children may help the coach pack up some items. The coach will release the children when this has been completed. 

For many young children, the first few sessions can be a little intimidating and confusing.  So to make sure every new child can learn and become comfortable in their new setting, we allow our coaches to take the necessary time to make this happen and don’t ask that they dive straight into the program until they feel the children are ready.

As part of this philosophy, we ask the parent to keep clear of the playing groups and position themselves away for the coaching areas. Parents of the youngest children may have a requirement in the first few sessions to stay close to the group. This is ok..  but parents shouldn’t interfere with the coach’s role.

The staff are here to help each child get the most out of their participation. If there is information, about your child, that would make their job easier,  please pass on this information to the location manager at the ground or in the registration form.

Our development philosophy follows the writings of Dr. Istvan Balyi, a leading expert on short and long-term training and performance programming. 

Dr. Balyi’s article “Long-term Athlete Development”, describes five stages for long-term athlete development as;

.   FUNdamental (under 9′s)
.   Training to train (Under 10’s – 13)
.   Training to compete (14 – 18)
.   Training to win (18+)
.   Retirement/retaining

In line with this philosophy Kids FC has chosen to offer a non-teams based program for players under 13 years of age.

In addition, the Kids Football programme includes short term playing goals for our players. We want them to be able to compete for team places in Div 1 and 2 teams after the age of 10.  We also focus on developing skills that they will always be able to use and have positive long term effects benefits. 

We only teach our players the principles of play from the elite skill sets of the world’s best players. This means that our players are practising the success habits of playing the game from their very first lesson with us.  This is quite a departure from traditional methods but one that has seen tremendous results for our players. 

Each child is required to bring the following to each session:

  • Hat and/or beanie
  • Shin guards (essential) for 6 years and older
  • Soccer boots (6 years and older) or runners/trainers
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Jumper and track pants. It does get cold and although the children do take jumpers etc. off as they warm up they need them again when they have a break.

Our programme operates outdoors and occasionally there’s a requirement to cancel a session due to unsuitable weather conditions or a ground closure.

For any changes to our schedule, parents will receive an SMS notification approx. 1 hour prior to the nominated session start time. 

Please put our number in your phone so you can recognise that it’s from us.

Our SMS number is: +61437422396

We plan for at least one cancellation per term although many times it’s not needed. An extra week, at the end of the programme, is booked just in case. This way we have  a few options to deliver the required sessions. 

On occasion we have more session cancellations than spare weeks available. When this has happened, in the past, we have offered extended session times, made refunds and/or given credits for the next season. We can’t guarantee any of these will be used in the future, however, our policy is to treat our customers in an equitable manner and give value for the fees where possible. 

If you’re in doubt about anything and have a question please start by asking the location manager at the ground.

When you first arrive at the ground, please keep children away from the programme area that’s been set up.

As the staff will be busy setting up, for the session, they may not be able to supervise your child. This is for the safety of the children.

If you are early and want a kick around, please do so away from the equipment being set up.

Please ensure that your child doesn’t handle the goals, poles or sticks around the field.


  • All registered players will be issued a playing top, shorts and a hoodie.
  • Children should dress in comfortable sporting attire. Children 5 years and younger don’t normally require shin guards or long socks. Children 6 years and above require long socks and shin guards.
  • Boots are not compulsory for very young players although at 6 years and older they will be helpful. A good pair of sports shoes are OK for the youngest players.
  • Remove any jewellery, watches etc… It is for your child’s safety that we do this.  This will be a requirement once your child is older, so let’s form good habits from the start.
  • Each week child should have a hat and access to sunscreen. Children can participate whilst wearing hats.
  • When its colder, please have your child wearing at least a skivvy and a beanie. A white or red skivvy worn under the club shirt is the most popular warm clothing option if children want to take off the outer clothing such as the hoodie.  


  • All children should have full water bottles (essential) with them for every session.
  • Older children are to have a large drink container of at least 1 litre.
  • In summer a 1.5 litre bottle with one third frozen and filled with tap water just before coming is our preferred method.

The Kidsoccer program was developed by Anthony Hatton who is the owner and operator of Kids Football Club.

Anthony has over 40 years of experience in coaching and in particular, over 15 years full time coaching junior players.

Anthony’s coaching resume is available by clicking here:

A decision was made when the club was established to use young adults as coaches because of the positive effect they have on young children.

Some parents may be worried that, due to their age, they might lack experience or formal coaching qualifications. This may be true in a traditional club setting, however, all coaches at Kids FC are trained, in house, so they have the right information to deliver our unique program. 

The current industry coaching certificates don’t provide enough detail or depth of knowledge to be useable at Kids FC. Coaches with certificate would still need to be trained in our methods

Each Kids FC coach is trained over a minimum of eight sessions, as a trainee and then spend 3 to 6 months as an assistant before being tested for a squad coach position. 

There is an ongoing education and mentoring for coaches to improve their knowledge and confidence. Coaches are incentivised to improve their skills and progress to higher levels and even supervisor.

The young adults that become coaches are chosen firstly based on their character. We only want coaches that can be excellent role models for our young players.

We’ve  had the pleasure of training more than 160 young adults as coaches since 2008.

Parents can be confident that we have good people who are trained in an excellent program and are supported whilst they deliver the training to their squads. 


Since starting Kids FC in 2007, we’ve seen many players come back and coach in our program. In 2019, we had six coaches who’ve previously been players in our program. Some of the coaches have been at the club since they were 4 years of age and now share all that experience with other young players. I think this is very unique to our club.

We do play small-sided games as it is a component of our larger development format. 

Our sessions are designed to develop the fundamental elements of the game that is appropriate to the age and competence of the child. 

For example… our youngest players focus on improving their movement skills and playing pathway soccer games. Our older children are taught tactical concepts and how to play the game more effectively as a team. 

Activities are selected to maximise development for each group. Small-sided games are played but have a defined purpose to aid development.

Although we understand the power and fun that playing games has in any development program, we don’t just play small sided games to keep the children entertained.

At Kids FC we don’t wholly support the philosophy of ‘just let them play’. Although games are a big part of our program so is developing the competence to play. For every level of progress, players have to train and practise in a deliberate manner first and then progress to random practise which is general the game playing aspect.

The fine balance of switching from deliberate practise to random practise and what percentage of each should be in a program has to be monitored continually with each group. Getting this balance right produces better results. At Kids FC, we use the small sided games to monitor our player’s progress and to check if the balance is correct.  

All staff and children participating in the Kids FC programs are covered by Sports Cover insurance.