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Helping beginners get a jump start to their soccer journey.

We know what others don't... how to get kids more engaged and improve their playing skills in the shortest period of time.

Helping all young kids to succeed is what we're really good at.

The more successful the kids... the happier the parents

The Kids Football Difference

20 Years Experience

We've built the most comprehensive knowledge bank on how to get results for young players of any ability.

Family Friendly

All age groups at the same time.
Great family discounts.

Quicker Development

We've found the shortcuts to better performance for all beginner players. Truely amazing results.

Smarter Curriculum

A progressive curriculum delivering proven results for all players.

Experienced Coaches

Experienced development coaches to help your child succeed.
No child left behind.

Successful Graduates

Many of our players go on to higher division teams during their teen years.

Beautiful Game
Lucy played in the Kids FC inaugural team and the fundamentals taught… translated into a beautiful game with passing maturity beyond their years. Most importantly, Kids FC was truly gender-less and provided Lucy an equal opportunity to play with boys which gave her the confidence to go onto play in the ACT men’s premier league competition (where she competed against old Kids FC teammates). 

Even to this day, some of the best football we've seen from a team of Lucy’s, was the 2012 Kids FC dream team.
We highly endorse the Kids FC program to parents of young players. 

Regards Vy D’Arc
Brilliantly Run!
I have to say….I have played A LOT of competitive sport over the years (including soccer)
and I think the Kids FC program is brilliantly run.
The girls who teach Harry are full of energy, patience and the kids love it.

  Thank You Emily
Truely a Team Effort!
Kids FC taught my sons things I’ve never seen other junior coaches do… They learned game-relevant, age-specific skills and team tactics from the very beginning. And because all the kids learned the skills... they all got lots of touches in a game. Kids FC players pass the ball around like Barcelona. No kidding. There were no ‘stars’, just good teamwork, everyone was passed too and equally valued. Forget those horror experiences where there’s a team hog who never passes and runs away with the goals, or where your child plays a whole game and never gets a touch on the ball. That never happened... it was truly a team effort.
With the Kids FC method, it has nothing to do with the football talent you are born with. Every kid can be this good if they learn the right skills at the right age. Simple.

My older son now plays in the National Premier League and his cohort of Kids FC players are all playing at NPL or
Division 1 level. He is an excellent footballer who loves the game thanks to Kids FC.

Jane Seaborn
Learned More!
Our daughter learned more in half a year with Kids FC than she did in all
the time she spent playing with regular clubs.
She quickly gained expertise in both the skills and knowledge of football thanks
to the highly committed and motivated coaches.
I recommend Kids FC over any other coaching clinic or club in Canberra.

Barry Fisher

A place to learn and grow together

Not every child is ready to jump straight into soccer and be successful.

We’ll teach your child the the important  steps to becoming a better player who will feel successful.


Come and join us at Kids FC and
experience the difference that purposeful development makes.

Players shown are 8 and 9 years of age

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