Registrations open

Winter Program 2019

  • Suitable for girls and boys, 3 to 12 years of age and ALL skill levels.
  • Children can register throughout the season.
  • Fees are calculated on a pro-rata basis of the weeks remainng.
  • Registration fees can be paid in full or through an installment plan of six (6) payments over ten (10) weeks.
  • Installment plans have a non refundable admin charge of $20. 
  • Trial sessions are available. See below

Sunday Mornings

  • Sunday 12th May to Sunday 30th June.
  • Mid-season break.
  • Sunday 28th July to Sunday 15th September.
  • The full winter season consists of 1 class per week for 16 weeks.
  • Location – Aranda Playing Field – Banaga Place, Aranda

Classes and Costs

  • Classes start at 9:30 am and 10:30 am.
  • Parents can nominate children 6+ years for a double class that also starts at 9:45 am
  • Each class is 50 – 55 minutes long.
  • 1 class per day costs $28.00 or $448 for complete season (16 weeks).
  • 2 classes per day costs $44.80 or $716.80 for complete season (16 weeks)/
  • The above costs are based on new registrations without any loyalty rewards or discounts applied.


  • The 2nd child discount is 12.5% off the registration fee.
  • The 3rd child discount is 25% off the registration fee. 
  • Kids FC members also receive an additional loyalty reward applied to the total registration fee.
    • 2019 members – 7.5 % loyalty reward.
    • Previous Kids FC – 2.5% loyalty reward.
  • Current discount codes can be applied to registration.

Trial sessions

  • Kids FC has specific trial days. These are: – 26th May, 9th June, 23rd June and 28th July.
  • A trial session consists of attending two classes over two Sunday morning sessions.
  • The cost of the two class trial sessions is $60 for one child and $100 for two or more children. 
  • Parents can register their child/ren for trial session on the Trail Registration Form.
  • Trial Sessions are not for current members or children wanting to participate in the full winter program.