Staff Profiles

Our coaches are part of the reason our programme is special.
Chosen for their character and ability to lead young children, they do a fabulous job every week.

Currently five of our coaches were Kids FC players themselves. This gives them a unique insight into our program and allows them to empathise with the players as they learn new skills and abilities.

Many of our coaches stay for multiple seasons and the players see them from year to year. This forms a close bond and community at the club. This continuity of coaching personnel is a unique characteristic of our club and helps provide a familiar learning environment for the young players.

Below is a profile of one of our longest serving coaches.

Scott Hatton

Senior Coach - Kids FC

Many of you know Scott, our oldest group coach. What you might not know… Scott is one of the original coaches at Kids FC. His journey started at our first holiday programme way back in April 2007.

Scott is a great mentor for junior players as he has elite level skills and game understanding. Honing his skills with 1000’s of hours of practice during his teenage years, Scott is ideally placed to share his knowledge with the young players and his fellow coaches. Even today he can demonstrate the difficult skills, game positioning and also throw in some exotic freestyle tricks.

As part of his football education, Scott has undertaken coach education with Brazilian Soccer Schools and Coerver Coaching. He has also gained experience as the director of soccer at a summer camp in Portland Maine, USA, in 2011, which he said was a very rewarding experience.

Scott still plays football socially but his main sport for the last few years has been Grid Iron. In the position of wide receiver he was rookie of the year in his first season and he backs up as the punter and goal-kicker for his team.

Scott is a keen watcher of US college football and follows the Clemson Tigers from Clemson University where he has been lucky enough to visit.

Scott worked as a manager at MacDonalds for many years and has also completed an Economics degree at the University of Canberra

The club is very fortunate to have such a technician as a junior coach who has the patience to work with the younger players.

A quick Interview with Scott to find out some of his favourite things

  1. Favourite football team:  that’s easy – Manchester United… although I’d go out of my way to watch the Barcelona team from 2007 to 2015.
  2. Favourite players: growing up I loved watching Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Zinadine Zidane and later Juan Riquelme. Right now it would be C. Ronaldo, he always finds a way to make me say ‘wow’ even after watching hundreds of his games over the years.
  3. Favourite food: I love all foods, especially the sweet stuff. But I can’t go past a good bowl of Pho (noodle soup).
  4. Most memorable game: 2008/09 Champions League Semifinal – Barcelona vs Chelsea. Waking up at 4 am to see who will play Man U in the final. I really dislike Chelsea and was gunning for Barca to destroy them.  I remember it was a wet, fast and feisty battle that got very spiteful toward the end of the game. I clearly remember, Drogba was falling over, all night, and Messi and Xavi putting on the moves. After 90 minutes Chelsea led 1- 0 and were doing all they could to slow Barca down, who were dominating the play. Then, in the 93rd minute, Iniesta slots one from outside the box to level the game and inevitably put Barca through to the final, breaking the hearts of all Chelsea fans world wide.. and filling mine with glee. Unfortunately this happiness didn’t last long, as Barca ended up beating Man U 2-0 to take the trophy.
  5. Most memorable goal: Theres so many, but the first one that comes to mind is David Beckham’s villain to hero free kick against Greece in 2001, scoring a the last minute goal to qualify England or the 2002 World Cup. Love the drama!
Thanks Scott, for your passion, knowledge and dedication to the club.
Most of all, thanks for being a fantastic mentor to the kids for so many years.